the year I changed my life

2015 the year I changed my life.

Talked about many times but 2015 provided the opportunity for me to take the bold step and create my dream of being me and at long last instead of ignoring my creativity being able to get it out and use it…and I am loving it!

When my son was younger we were in a local well respected crafts gallery, looking at the Christmas Fair exhibits. We overheard the curator enthusing to a visitor over a laser cut decoration. My son turned to me and said to me ‘mummy you can do better than that and in your lunchtime’… ‘you should get a laser and make a workshop in our garage, work from home and make lots of lovely things. You would be happy, not like now, and would be there for me when I come home from school each day so I would be happy too’. That thought never left me, the beauty of children is they see it simply, and say it.

So here I am, working on my own laser, in my own workshop, seeing my son each day as he gets home from school. My daughters and son who convinced me and allowed me to believe in myself again are the story behind Betsy & Els.


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